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Parents are involved in performance workshops. These workshops are implemented to gather public feedback. Civil society partners, the UNRWA and Palestine Authority ministries take part in awareness campaigns and are part of planning when general programme designs and schedules for work with schools, municipalities, villages, refugee camps and civil society organisations CSOs are discussed.

As a response to all of these challenges, Yes Theatre has designed a full programme with a lot of activities as a way to contribute effectively to democratic reform in Palestine. With Play 4 Democratic Reform, Yes Theatre offers Palestinians a unique opportunity to enjoy theatre, be encouraged to take a different view on daily life and to be inspired to build their own future.

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In this project, Yes Theatre creates a play with a social message, which is performed for school students by professional actors. The selection of the theme is based on the daily life of Palestinian children. They are themes relevant to the community or are based on or inspired by contemporary or traditional sources of Palestinian or Arab cultural heritage or literature.

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Themes come easily because we live in a society so full of bizarre and often unbearable problems. After several rehearsals, a play tour is carried out for school students who come to the Yes Theatre location by buses to attend the performances. At the end of each performance a small workshop is conducted with school students with a discussion about the theme of the play.

Cooperation with CSOs supports the community impact of the work. Storytelling - being the core of all theatre - gives women the opportunity to practise the right of free expression and speak about issues of deep context and emotion. The theatre venues offer a safe place for sharing and for finding calm and relief.

The isolation of women in the families of their husbands makes it difficult for many women to speak out about situations of oppression and violence. Performances by actresses, based on stories collected among four generations of women children, young adults, mothers and grandmothers give audience women the impulse to share their own stories, and find solidarity and relief.


The freedom to express themselves strengthens them to stand up for themselves in their personal and public life. CSOs specialised in supporting women legally, socially, or politically, are able to bring the expressed concerns to forums of political and community representation. These forums are implemented in marginalised areas. More than women are targeted through this activity.

With Puppets 4 Democracy and Civic Engagement and Democracy, Yes Theatre produces a puppet play and performs for children in marginalised areas. This play is based on empowering children to know about and claim their rights. Twenty performances have been conducted and more than children and youth targeted. With Free Expression Outreach to Children, the participants of our outreach programme are children and youth from 6 to The activities are workshops and trainings in drama and theatre. Ten workshops have been implemented and children are targeted.

Democratic reform through the use of community arts

With animation workshops, Yes Theatre enables children to design and produce animated films about issues that concern them after receiving training in this regard. Ten workshops have been implemented with 10 different groups each group included five children maximum. The programme includes different activities through which the basics of the democratic process are introduced and practised by the participants.

Furthermore, the programme provides developed mechanisms necessary to advance youth and child rights, discuss their problems and participate in their community development. Explore Now. Buy As Gift.

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