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In just one week, we have made a world of difference. She is going to sleep around pm every night and is now sleeping through the night in her own bed! I highly recommend Beewise to anyone looking to get their child to sleep through the night because I thought it was impossible and it would just happen on its own but I was wrong. We needed help, we got help, and now I get to sleep at night. Through a family friend, Megan was recommended to us. However, Megan rocked! She stayed by our side through the process and continued encouraging us and tweaking the plan as we went along- adjusting as necessary.

It worked to a T, exactly as Megan described and promised. Megan, her education, and her program was worth every single penny- and more!! Thank you Megan!

Being a first time mom is stressful. Everyone tells you things about how your baby should be sleeping. Michael was not a good sleeper from day 1, grunting through the whole night, constant feedings, cranky through the whole day. Megan helped my baby sleep through the night hours, sleep independently I put him down and I leave the room,no hysterical crying and improve his short naps. This is life changing!! I can not recommend Megan and Bee Wise enough.

[From USA] Dr. Danielle's Bee Wise ^^ Bee Well Royal Jelly Propolis Beepollen

My baby struggled to sleep anywhere but on me for the first almost 3 months of his life and after that I was just getting by with temporary solutions. When I tried transitioning him to the crib myself, he was waking every 2 hours and it felt worse than it did when he was a newborn! I was totally sleep deprived, that is until my husband and I made the decision that a sleep consultant is what we needed. It was the best decision and money we ever spent!

Our son can now put himself to sleep, sleep through the night, and take long naps in his crib.


We even now have time to ourselves in the evenings! It truly has been life changing. I can not recommend Megan and her work enough!


Working with Megan is the best decision we made for our newborn twins! We were going crazy from night wakings, night crying, no nap schedule, and sneaking them into cribs way too late. The very first night we implemented our sleep plan at 9 weeks , we knew everything changed. We could finally get some rest, and our babies were so much happier now that they were getting the sleep they need.

Dr. Danielle’s Bee Wise

It requires commitment but soooo worth it. Our babes are 7 months now and text book sleepers no jinx!! Megan is down-to-earth and a joy to work with. She answers every question and works with you until everyone is sleeping well! I will not hesitate to hire her again in the toddler years if we need a refresh.

Thank you, Megan! Megan is awesome!!! Two weeks and my 5 month old is sleeping all night in his crib!

We were able to drop his last feeding he was wanting during the night and I can get some sleep! She is also very quick with answering emails and questions!! She takes her time working with you and does an awesome job! If anybody is questioning doing this, DO IT!

Dubray Books. Bee Well Bee Wise: With Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly

It is definitely worth it. It is so nice to be able to get the proper amount of sleep at night! When I first brought Elle home, she just wanted her mommy… I struggled getting her in bassinet.. So we decided to cosleep. She also struggled with naps, and the only way she would sleep was in a baby wrap.. It was painful. I thought I had tried everything. Anything that worked for even a few minutes, I did because I so desperately wanted her to rest! By the end of 3 mo I was felt her sleep cycles were changing… she nursed every 45 minutes at night time and I carried her all day long in the baby wrap where she nursed to sleep.

When I first talked to Megan… I was terrified. Terrified of getting her overtired again and lost on where to start or how to fix the habits I had created because I wanted so badly for Elle to just get some restorative rest! Not to mention, I hated hearing Elle cry and was so scared someone was just going to tell me to leave her in her room and let her cry. So much anxiety… clearly. Megan assured me she could help….

Our life is completely different. Elle goes to sleep independently, gets full feeds rather than snacks, has long stretches of sleep at night hr blocks , naps between hour stretches, And is SO MUCH happier!

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Megan provides the space for you to do that and also provides you with a concrete plan that is easy to follow. Forever grateful for you, Megan! Our second baby was about 13 weeks old and was starting to wake every couple of hours at night having previously been quite a good sleeper. During the day my heart would sink every time she was due a nap, as I carried her into her room screaming, knowing I was going to spend half an hour getting her to sleep only for her to wake 15 minutes later.

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  5. I was nervous at spending so much but it was much cheaper than a night nanny and would hopefully be a more long term solution. Megan was brilliant right from the start. It was really easy to make appointments with her and she quickly created a sleep plan for Cate that was easy to follow and appropriate for our situation. Her guidance through those first few nights was invaluable and since then we have seen Cate settle into a good nap routine, go down well at night and wake only once for feeding.

    Megan gave us the confidence to teach our baby the skills she needed to sleep and we are all happier for it.

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    We know we will be reaping the benefits of this investment for years to come. Dreaming of better sleep? Schedule a free call with Megan to learn more about the best option for your family. Sleep well, you deserve it. Your starter guide will be arriving to your inbox in just a moment. Please enter your First Name. Please enter your Last Name. Please enter your Email. About Hello! Continue Reading. It is helping. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. Skip to main content. About this product. Make an offer:.

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