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Investieren Statt Spekulieren. Investmentfonds Oder Lebensversicherung? Photo by ToastyKen. Digital Tools are a great help for your Crowdfunding Campaign. During the event, we will also show what the project does for platforms and supporters in Germany. Photo by Laineys Repertoire. Erstellen Sie Ihre eigene Umfrage zu Nutzerfeedback. Photo by Jason A.

Unser Partner hat dazu auf einer Crowdsourcing-Seite einen Ideenwettbewerb gestartet. Association for Community Relations Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare, in Romanian, ARC was established in and has at first served NGOs interested in fundraising from individuals and companies and for profit organizations interested in giving resources for social change.

It is a privately owned research institute which partners with public sector organisations, NGOs, foundations and universities. The workshop will take place at Riesa Efau — a cultural center in Dresden. Riesa Efau is a cultural center in the heart of Dresden. It offers artists and creatives the possibility to display their works and it interacts with the community around the venue through workshops and events. Kreatives Sachsen — the Center for Cultural and Creative Industries Saxony improves the conditions for successful creative work. It provides consulting and support to companies, freelancers, institutions, associations, networks and municipalities.

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The goal is to have 10 projects ready by November, which will be trained for free in offline and online courses with the help of the partnering experts. Next wednesday there will be a so called Micro Conference, where the program will be presented — Wolfgang will give an introduction to Crowdfunding.

Agenda und Ort sowie die Teilnahmebedingungen werden wir Ihnen hier hier zeitnah mitteilen. Wenn Sie Interesse an dem Workshop haben, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. The aim of the project is to support non-profits in improving their fundraising skills.

Crowdfunding is defined as an open-call for funding projects, often on internet-platforms, often through a group of people with a common purpose. The most commonly used Crowdfunding taxonomy distinguishes between four types of Crowdfunding:. Very roughly these types of Crowdfunding correspond to the type of exchange which a supporter a member of the crowd receives from the project.

In donation-based Crowdfunding, this can be a tax statement indicating the amount and recipients, in reward-based Crowdfunding this can be a physical item or an immaterial perk. Crowdfunding platforms intermediate an exchange between a supporter and a project. The return received by the supporter is often personalized.

The underlying idea is that a supporter receives some rare, exclusive opportunity to obtain a benefit, which in turn provides him with an incentive to support the project during the campaign, and not wait until the campaign is over and the product market-ready. For instance, a supporter might receive a tech gadget which has not been produced yet, he pays an early-bird price, the platform puts the money into an escrow account, after the end of the campaign, the project receives the money and starts the production.

The supporter carries the risk of losing the money if some production problems occur, but at the same time he is part of a special community of first movers. For practical and theoretical purposes, it is essential to understand the motives of supporters in a Crowdfunding campaign. Rational-choice theorist might point to the value of being a first mover, of obtaining a product or service before anybody else, of being part of early-stage investors with higher chances for profits.

All of these benefits might be greater than the potential risk of losing money or the real loss of interest if the money would have been used for other purposes, for instances in risk-free. There is, however, a conundrum: how would rational choice theory explain if someone supports a campaign where he or she does not receive any tangible benefits exclusively for him- or herself? In donation-based Crowdfunding, altruistic motives are often assumed on the side of the supporter. The supporter gives money in order to facilitate a project of civic value: he or she donates to a non-profit organisation which generates some form of common good.

The supporter is thus part of a community of enablers, which goes beyond the advantages of first movers. One might argue that the supporters fund projects where they feel that their money bridges a finance gap, where private sponsorship enables causes which are not adequately funded.

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Interestingly, also causes are funded on platforms where adequate funding should be available — through tax money. In the Netherlands, the bridge Luchtensingel was funded through an external website, thus prompting the question why the city government did not pay for the bridge through its own budget.

This question is not just a theoretical one, because it is at the core of the definition of Civic Crowdfunding. Civic Crowdfunding can be found on mostly donation-based platforms, some reward-based platforms, few equity-based platforms and very few lending-based platforms, but the topic is likely to increase in scope and relevance over the next couple of years. A civic cause is a cause which improves public infrastructure — this can be means of public transport, public institutions, public events. The dominant feature of a public infrastructure is that it is impossible to exclude anyone from using it.

In this case Civic Crowdfunding is generating benefits where it is impossible to exclude a non-supporter from benefitting from the cause. The bridge Luchtensingel is a prime example: the supporters of the project cannot exclude non-supporters in using the bridge for free. They have no right and no means to make non-supporters pay for the use of the bridge through tolls or taxes — and they have no incentive to do so.

They have funded a bridge which could have been financed by tax money as well, thus indirectly making everybody pay for it, but they have chosen not to. The infrastructure generates public benefits and the supporters have chosen to generate the public benefits by becoming part of a community of enablers. Photo by Jonathan Gross. Update 6. Photo by toolstop. Below you can find a list of Crowdfunding projects which I presented at the conference.

I organized them according to the type of need that the project tries to solve.

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How Crowdfunding predicts trends in society, how research can benefit from Crowdfunding and why it is necessary to combine Science and Crowdfunding — by Karsten Wenzlaff. Crowdfunding platforms exist for about a decade now, and for more than five years in Germany. While analyzing this market, we noticed something peculiar: trends in society, especially trends around consumer behaviour emerge 2 to 3 years on Crowdfunding platforms before they reach the mass market. Why is this case? Firstly, the people who are creating new Crowdfunding platforms are highly innovative.

They see a gap in funding for a specific niche and then create a platform to bring together money and ideas. Not all of these platforms succeed, more often platforms are created and after a few months the platform ceases to exist. Not enough traction was created, not enough projects were shown on the platform. But for those that succeed, they can often claim to be the first to have developed an innovative funding method. Crowdfunding is increasingly used for market-research — not just funding, but also for marketing and market research. A recent example is C. The campaign has attracted about Wolf is an usual company.

It can reference a history of years, but has been refounded only last year. Interestingly, the campaign not only serves raising the funds, but also tries to achieve a number of marketing goals. Some form of preselling is also evident — for every 7. Wolf is only a recent example of watches being funded on Crowdfunding platforms.