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Volcanic eruptions can trigger a variety of hazardous events, such as explosions, pyroclastic flows, mudflows, acid rain, climatic effects, among others. The impact of a volcanic eruption on human health depends on the type of eruption at which inhabitants have been exposed, the duration of this exposure and the previous health conditions of the exposed people.

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Some of these effects on human health are well known, such as burns, trauma, and respiratory disorders. In acute as well as in long term exposure, some of the respiratory health effects are still a matter of controversy and research on the mechanisms involved. Among the main adverse effects described in the respiratory tract are bronchoconstriction, amplification of the inflammatory response, complement disorders, silicosis and carcinogenesis. Throughout this review we enclosed a number of recommendations, hopefully they will be useful in facing new volcanic eruptions in our country and everywhere.

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Key words: Volcanic eruptions, volcanic ashes, human health, lung disease. Algunos de estos efectos son ampliamente conocidos, como quemaduras, traumatismos y alteraciones del sistema respiratorio.

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A pesar que muchos de ellos han estado inactivos hasta ahora, actualmente existen alrededor de quinientos considerados activos. El comportamiento de los volcanes no obedece a ninguna ley de periodicidad. Explosiones: Fragmentos de roca y lava conducidos por gases disueltos en lo profundo del magma.

Pueden flotar o arrastrarse dependiendo de las proporciones de sus componentes. Rubin y cols. Esta cadena de reacciones se manifiesta como dificultad respiratoria y aumento en la susceptibilidad a las infecciones respiratorias. Los autores agradecen el apoyo secretarial de la Sra.

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