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Some of the sons of the village, who now work as trekking guides, have returned to help their families: Suman Gurung, a professional mountain guide who was born in Larpak village, had been on a trek in the Tsum Valley and was also trapped in the mountains as the earthquake struck, but immediately teamed up with five other friends from Larpak who also work in the trekking sector to head out to their birthplace and lend a helping hand to their fellow villagers, and family members.

Due to the sheer remoteness of the village and lack of vehicle access, official government relief or international community has still not reached this village. He along with his team were the first to provide relief materials to his suffering villagers with limited funds provided by friends and family, in Nepal and abroad. Vicki: Have you found it easy to raise the money? Saskia: People have been calling me all the time telling me they want to give money to Nepal. Now I have just had another big donation of money and it's in constant growth!

It's amazing how much people want to help Nepal! I've been keeping track of every donation in my notebook, and sending photos to the people who have donated of the things that their money has bought. Vicki: How have you been communicating with Nepal?

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Saskia: Incredibly 3G and 4G is still working so it has been really easy to stay in contact with Vivek. He sends me photos and updates every day of where the money is being sent, he even sends me photos of the receipts. It's been amazing to be able to show a photo to someone who has donated money: "Look this is where your money has been spent". It's been an incredible experience for me as well. Vivek's wife is pregnant, very, very pregnant, she's due any minute. They live in Katmandu and originally he was supposed to be opening a restaurant as a new business.

But all of this has taken a backseat now as all he wants to do is get the supplies to the people in need. The other day we were speaking about how to physically get it up the mountain to where they have moved to, I suggested a helicopter, and off I went to find a way to raise the money for a helicopter, then when we spoke again Vivek had conferred with the other people he's working with and they had decided rather to spend the money on a tractor, and had decided that a helicopter was too expensive.

But I can't make those decisions you see? It has to be down to the people whose lives are being affected. They are getting themselves organised now which is good because the official aid agencies are still not moving in as they said they would. Vivek sent me a photo of a big consignment of Red Cross goods just sat at the airport embargoed! Nepal does not have a good reputation for honest politicians unfortunately. Vicki: What kind of things do the people need?

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Saskia: Vivek has been buying tents, medication, soap, sanitary pads, food packs, essential things to keep the people healthy and fed. When the second earthquake 7. But now he's out again every day working to help the villagers. But soon a much bigger challenge is coming, there will be, as there is every year, a monsoon. This will bring with it infection. We need to get clothing, blankets, housing materials, chimneys, wood, sanitary arrangements, safe drinking water, medical care, food supplies.

It seems like a terrible dream, but we also need to be thinking about schooling for the children as well, they have nothing up there now. Vicki: It must be a terrible situation, they are so isolated. Saskia: The earth has been shaking for three weeks. They are still experiencing three or four aftershocks every day, can you imagine how frightening that must be? Vivek is very worried that the money will dry up before he's finished helping these villagers, "What will happen when they forget?

If you get inspired then you can really do amazing things.

The thing I want everyone to get out of this is that you really can do something to make a difference, if you want to help then you really can. Vicki: Why do you think people have responded to the call for funds so readily? Saskia: I think the Nepalese people appeal to us Westerners. Nepal is a Buddhist country.

March 1, 2013

They are not materialistic, they are very simple, pure, honest. They are a really compassionate people. They have minimal needs. They don't see the point in having lots of stuff, they see the point in having friends, praying, of family, of caring for each other. They are not like us. I just don't want them to feel alone.

More than 8, people have been killed, more than 19, injured and countless more made homeless in Nepal. They are living in the open air in tents. The monsoons and winter season are coming. Por: Ben Cardew 20 de mayo de My Spanish has been improving steadily since moving to Barcelona in But the odd word still obstinately fails to arrive.

We could, of course, have left it there. Probably we should have done.

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But, no, the rubicon was crossed. Now let me get back to studying. My girlfriend sighed and went back to her work. A week later, when I was at my most vulnerable, my girlfriend attacked. This is the most dangerous of all her tones. You loser. I was stumped. Why the linguistic hole? Despite this, I thought I was on pretty safe ground generally with the argument. English, I had always believed and, I suppose, must have heard somewhere has more words than most world languages thanks to a rapacious appetite for foreign imports.

Surely English is bulging with words?

Come on - not really…. I threw myself into research with a very useful Guardian article providing some ammunition. I was, at least temporarily, winning. English, it is true, has given us many technical terms that are now deployed in other languages. But faced with Hispanic terms as poetic as these it seemed the argument was lost: I was the loser my girlfriend had always believed.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Por: Sam Edwards 04 de mayo de As the summer sun starts to come out in force and the high-season crowds descend on Barcelona, the city famous for a remarkable tourism-led rejuvenation is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis over how to manage the millions of people visiting it each year. But a wizened old man sporting two pointy ears!

Christmas Future (MLR Press Story A Day For the Holidays 2011 Book 22)

He was dressed all in brown, wore a cape of gold feathers,. His angelic smile split a face of tanned leather. I instantly recognized Old Father Time,. He waved a bright wand and then sang out this rhyme:. Fee, fie, foe, fum! Then, dancing a jig, he crossed the red rug. And grabbed my cold fingers and gave a hard tug. When magic exploded like fireworks around us,. Intensive Care Nursery, babe wrapped in fleece,.

Doctor-signed papers that gave her release. My tiniest granddaughter would be okay,. My heart swelled to bursting with joy on that day. In dribbles and drabs,. In bits and in bites,. Father Time showed me blessings. The rest of the night. Trips to the desert, the plains, and the beach.

Living my passion for words as I age,. Entwined with my husband, my heroic sage. Ally Blue

So many hours later back home by the fire,. My spirits could not have been lifted much higher. I gave Time a hug to express my elation. And thanked him for spiritual recalibration. Then, in the magical blink of an eye. He was gone and I gazed at the clock on a shelf.

And I laughed when I saw it in spite of myself.