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Lang had hinted that the film had political relevance, and it clearly pointed to aspects of Nazi behaviour. Nino now proposed, in a story entitled 'What happened after The Testament of Dr. Mabuse ', to imagine how the strategies of Baum, under the ghostly tutelage of Mabuse, would develop.

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In a tone containing sufficient irony to deflect rightwing criticism, he sketched a scenario which seems eerily similar to the actual forward progress of Nazism:. The big idea of Dr. Mabuse, which Dr. Baum had adopted, consisted of the following: a series of criminal acts organised with brilliant shrewdness and executed in the same way, would be bound to create in the city a state of terror which could not fail to have salutary effects; an excess of evil, systematic destruction, turning urban life upside-down, must infallibly result in the rule of the Good, this philosophical, capital-letter Good of which only desperate psychopaths can conceive.

He then sarcastically put forward the effects of this 'rule of the Good', which would result in human beings becoming unable to face harming any other creatures, or even the stones under their feet, so that society came to a complete standstill. After vain efforts by the police to bring life back to normal, the spirit of Mabuse appeared again to Baum, this time in the guise of the police chief Lohmann, telling him to turn his criminal attention to foreigners now:.

You will bring suffering to those who are not of your religion. You will behave towards them with brutality and injustice. You will expel them from your country and confiscate their goods: it will be a way to make up our deficit You will make vengeful, threatening speeches. You will make the world tremble on its foundations. And a final fateful comment was put in the mouth of Mabuse: "Perhaps if it's well done, you will make people take you seriously - you never know! But it is a measure of how forcefully exposure to this society affected Nino that it led him to imagine a scenario which seemed like science fiction to most people at the time.

In fact, when he returned to the normality of Paris, he tried to convince himself that the German people would soon come to their senses and make a new start, only to be crushed by the Russian Ilya Ehrenbourg: "Don't try to judge what isn't really your affair.

Your new Spring is death. The return to normality in Paris did not for long mean a return to normal life for Nino. A few months later, during a visit to London, "a shudder went through me, and I had the very distinct feeling of a cord snapping". Amazingly, apart from the first six months when he was very seriously ill, for all that time he managed to send articles to Pour Vous once or twice a month. It charted the career of a star from her chance appearance as a child in a film made by the famous silent film actor and director Max Linder, through her life and personal problems as a star, and her final decline.

Many of the more bizarre episodes were taken from incidents Nino had seen when visiting studios as a journalist, or were inspired by the gossip columns of the fanzines. The final paragraphs read like the scenario of a film about a doomed diva:. It was almost dark on the set, but at once she made out the black eyes of the cameras. She pretended not to see them, and wandered round the studio humming, looking round for something.

For what? At last she saw a hammer, forgotten no doubt by one of the crew. She seized it, pretending to look elsewhere, and looked towards the movie cameras.

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They hadn't moved: they hadn't understood. Then, she moved slowly towards them. She was smiling kindly at them, and did not bring out the hammer she was hiding behind her back until the moment she reached them; then, furiously, she began to hit the camera lens, stammering out insults, flames in her eyes. The enemy. At last.

The enemy was dying. Her enemy.

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The one who had caused her all the harm. In the water she saw a face looking at her, the face of Max Linder. He was smiling at her. He called her. She obeyed. A dive.

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When Nino returned permanently to Paris in the summer of , he would find that the cinema world had moved on, and that there were new and exciting developments in French filmmaking. He continued to work for L'Intransigeant and Pour Vous , and the next chapters will chart the debates, not solely but especially in these publications, in the years of what later became known as "poetic realism" in French film.

Also see pp. Auriol's name was a pseudonym, spelt he insisted Jean George, without hyphen or final 's'. This preferred spelling was often disregarded by other writers and editors. It is not clear whether this title was a deliberate elision of the Reichstag fire and the Kristallnacht, or whether it was an error of memory over thirty years later. Mabuse" ', L'Image , no. The complete serialised novel, Pour Vous , nos. Les salles qui donnent de bons programmes. Soulignons cette phrase. Vous n'y connaissez rien encore.

Vous en sous-estimez la force. Or, que faites-vous? A telle enseigne qu'il faille la cacher honteusement Elle s'assit sur une table, comme dans ses films, prit une cigarette en fixant Dieu sait quels lointains Et Kurt Bernhardt qui a fait Le Rebelle , autre film revigorant, n'est-il pas juif? When he expresses the desire to make his union official, the ministers, whom he has helped achieve their lofty position convince him that this private affair may very well cause his political downfall.

The president gives in the belief he has opted for legitimate reasons of state. From that point on, everything in his life starts collapsing.

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Entre trouver la force de lutter et sombrer dans la folie, il opte bien volontiers pour la seconde solution. Il est des oeuvres qui nous bousculent, nous tourmentent. Il y a la relation fusionnelle entre Hugo et Luis. Est-ce quelque chose qui vous hante personnellement? Il y a deux parties distinctes dans votre roman. Pourquoi ce choix? Pourriez-vous nous en parler? Sont-ils des jumeaux? Aucune distinction au niveau spirituel. Je pense partager ce sentiment avec lui. Hugo, Luis Stockman, et le narrateur? En toute franchise, non. A lire et faire lire sans retenue.

Un collector pour les chanceux qui pourront se le procurer!

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