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But different strokes for different folks, and some babies really do take well to sleep training, which is a definite boon to their parents. And there are other sites who say rather damaging things about the Ezzos and their family, but after some queries to folks in Singapore who know the Ezzos personally and have visited them, it turned out that these assertions were not true.

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Guess no one is immune to a smear campaign. Overall, I found the course very practical and sufficiently biblically based.

The Ezzos are clear when they teach that some methods and principles are their recommendations, borne out of experience and arising from their cultural background. Thus they make it clear that these are not biblical mandates.

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It is eternally important that you make sure it is not just head knowledge and intellectual assent your son or daughter has given to the Lord. Biblical theology must express itself in practice.

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Biblical principles that comprise the way of the Lord are divine, most application of biblical principle are of human origin. Good paper stock, packaged very well. Elegantly done and very appealing! Every time I pass this print, a gentle reminder of HIS word and presence.

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I can feel the Holy Spirit with me each time I stand and meditate on this beautiful piece of art. Thank you for creating something so meaningful! This is the perfect addition to my wall decor. Many conversations have already been started around this piece.

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It goes with different decor and will be perfect addition to your home, office, or as a gift to a friend! Can't wait to buy more from God's Fingerprints!

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We believe Scripture Art is one of the best ways to fulfill that instruction. Trying to find the perfect gift? Close search.

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