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Half Asleep

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For example, Robert Stickgold recounts having experienced the touch of rocks while falling asleep after mountain climbing. People who have spent considerable time jumping on a trampoline will find that they can feel the up-and-down motion before they go to sleep.

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Many chess players report [ citation needed ] the phenomenon of seeing the chess board and pieces during this state. New employees working stressful and demanding jobs often report feeling the experience of performing work-related tasks in this period before sleep. Hypnagogic hallucinations are often auditory or have an auditory component.

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Like the visuals, hypnagogic sounds vary in intensity from faint impressions to loud noises, like knocking and crash and bangs exploding head syndrome. People may imagine their own name called, crumpling bags, white noise, or a doorbell ringing. Snatches of imagined speech are common.

Hypnagogia: The Experience of Being Half Awake and Half Asleep

While typically nonsensical and fragmented, these speech events can occasionally strike the individual as apt comments on—or summations of—their thoughts at the time. They often contain word play , neologisms and made-up names. Hypnagogic speech may manifest as the subject's own " inner voice ", or as the voices of others: familiar people or strangers. More rarely, poetry or music is heard. Gustatory , olfactory and thermal sensations in hypnagogia have all been reported, as well as tactile sensations including those kinds classed as paresthesia or formication.

Sometimes there is synesthesia ; many people report seeing a flash of light or some other visual image in response to a real sound. Proprioceptive effects may be noticed, with numbness and changes in perceived body size and proportions, [15] feelings of floating or bobbing as if their bed were a boat, and out-of-body experiences. Thought processes on the edge of sleep tend to differ radically from those of ordinary wakefulness. For example, something that you agreed with in a state of hypnagogia may seem completely ridiculous to you in an awake state.

Hypnagogia may involve a "loosening of ego boundaries Subjects are more receptive in the hypnagogic state to suggestion from an experimenter than at other times, and readily incorporate external stimuli into hypnagogic trains of thought and subsequent dreams. This receptivity has a physiological parallel; EEG readings show elevated responsiveness to sound around the onset of sleep.

Herbert Silberer described a process he called autosymbolism , whereby hypnagogic hallucinations seem to represent, without repression or censorship, whatever one is thinking at the time, turning abstract ideas into a concrete image , which may be perceived as an apt and succinct representation thereof. A feature that hypnagogia shares with other stages of sleep is amnesia. But this is a selective forgetfulness, affecting the hippocampal memory system, which is responsible for episodic or autobiographical memory , rather than the neocortical memory system, responsible for semantic memory.

Hypnagogic phenomena may be interpreted as visions , prophecies , premonitions , apparitions and inspiration artistic or divine , depending on the experiencers' beliefs and those of their culture. Physiological studies have tended to concentrate on hypnagogia in the strict sense of spontaneous sleep onset experiences.

Such experiences are associated especially with stage 1 of NREM sleep , [28] but may also occur with pre-sleep alpha waves. To identify more precisely the nature of the EEG state which accompanies imagery in the transition from wakefulness to sleep, Hori et al. The "covert-rapid-eye-movement" hypothesis proposes that hidden elements of REM sleep emerge during the wakefulness-sleep transition stage. Respiratory pattern changes have also been noted in the hypnagogic state, in addition to a lowered rate of frontalis muscle activity. Microsleep short episodes of immediate sleep onset may intrude into wakefulness at any time in the wakefulness-sleep cycle, due to sleep deprivation and other conditions, [34] resulting in impaired cognition and even amnesia.

In his book, Zen and the Brain , James H.

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Austin cites speculation that regular meditation develops a specialized skill of "freezing the hypnagogic process at later and later stages" of the onset of sleep, initially in the alpha wave stage and later in theta. Early references to hypnagogia are to be found in the writings of Aristotle , Iamblichus , Cardano , Simon Forman , and Swedenborg.

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The advent of electroencephalography EEG has supplemented the introspective methods of these early researchers with physiological data. The search for neural correlates for hypnagogic imagery began with Davis et al. While the dominance of the behaviorist paradigm led to a decline in research, especially in the English speaking world, the later twentieth century has seen a revival, with investigations of hypnagogia and related altered states of consciousness playing an important role in the emerging multidisciplinary study of consciousness.

The word hypnagogia entered the popular psychology literature through Dr. Andreas Mavromatis in his thesis, [42] while hypnagogic and hypnopompic were coined by others in the s and noted by Havelock Ellis. The term hypnagogic was originally coined by Alfred Maury [43] [44] to name the state of consciousness during the onset of sleep. Hypnopompic was coined by Frederic Myers soon afterwards to denote the onset of wakefulness. The term hypnagogia is used by Dr.