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This famous adventurer and lover of nature is a great way to accent the importance of apples in our diets. This was a big hit at our school as the teachers all wore pots on their head and students sampled applesauce, apple pie, apple juice, and apple butter. This event is always in November. To enhance posters and hand outs, have students write a letter to someone they know who they would like to quit smoking. Award prizes for the best letters and include them in your display. Gather a variety of fruits and vegetables in a box. Have each student put on a blind fold, tough, smell and sometimes taste the item to try to identify the fruit or vegetable.

School Health Education

The students then place it in a basket with fruits or vegetables. Talk about how it is grown, where it can be grown and health benefits of eating them. Student can participate in preparing the dough, baking it while reminding them of the reason for Lent. We have also made tiny loaves for each student to take home. Set up a room with things like stethoscope, blood pressure machine, bandages, ace wrap, scrub clothes, masks, syringe, tongue depressor, etc.

Apply band aids, slings, etc. Parents get a big kick out of this. Contact your local hospital or doctor office to borrow supplies. Some hospitals offer such visit as field trips for the students. This activity allows the students to gain an understanding of when heat is used for an injury and when it is better to use cold for treatment.

Allow the students to make small rice bags that they can stitch up and take home. Squares of flannel work well. Fill the bags with rice. They can be frozen for a cold pack or microwaved for 2 minutes for a hot pack. Local officials are usually very helpful with this topic. To reinforce what your local fire department educators present, have paper drills with students. Put paper flames in an area of the school and guide the students in how to react. Local hospitals and police departments will usually help with this project.

They have even brought in their bicycles, helmets and an ATV for students to view and discuss the safety related to these activities. Have middle school children each pick a topic, make a poster, and give a brief presentation to other school members.


This activity is similar to a science fair. The displays can be open to parents and families to view. Use this activity to promote healthy eating through simple cooking projects with healthy recipes. Examples: sliced with fat free ranch; fried in olive oil; breaded in brand flakes; zucchini bread, or; baked with tomatoes, onions, mozzarella cheese. Enhance your school lunch at holiday time by having each class make the side dishes.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can include: Cranberry and diet 7-up punch, walnut, celery, apple, plain yogurt and cranberries salad. Pumpkin custard with fat free or sugar free whip cream. Whole wheat rolls. Invite local officials such as a policeman, fireman, mayor, priest, minister, teachers, doctor, nurse, and others who make a difference in your community to breakfast with your students. The guests enjoy the experience as much as the kids do! Each guest can receive a token of appreciate like a small picture frame with a verse about heroes inside. The program can be simple with introductions of the guests, serving eggs, bacon, toast, juice etc.

We were able to get out local newspaper to come and write an article for Wheeling Catholic Elementary. Another twist is to invite your high school football or basketball team players to come and eat with the kids.

The elementary and middle school kids look up to these youth in awe! Fill a bowl with glitter or soil. Have students put their hands in it. Now, have them use hand sanitizer to try and get the glitter off.

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Next, let them wash with good old soap and water. The glitter should wash all off. Hand sanitizers are OK if there is no water. They are not good for viruses or visible dirt. Using a Halloween theme, dress up like a good witch Witchy Poo and have a small doll like witch Witchy Flu that you can remove the stuffing to be able to place your hand in the doll like a puppet. You can also use other character bath mitts for any time of year putting a hole in the mouth and inserting a spray bottle.

The kids love it! Use a tape measure to show students how far a sneeze can spray on others.

Health promoting schools

The number one way to prevent the spread of infection is by practicing good hand washing. There are many ways to teach staff and students the proper technique. Visit these sites for some ideas, games and videos. Health Teaching Ideas. Dressing for Winter Weather Team up with local community members who may donate hat and gloves.

Be the Beat Heart education can be fun.

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Build Your Body Anatomy and Physiology This teaching tool is a great way to teach students about the anatomy and physiology of the body. Hygiene and Puberty This topic is usually a top priority for the 5th grade teachers as students begin to experience the physical changes of growing up.

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Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Snack Time They say it takes at least introductions for a child to begin to eat new foods. Johnny Appleseed Day Nutrition This famous adventurer and lover of nature is a great way to accent the importance of apples in our diets.

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Fruit and Vegetable Identification Gather a variety of fruits and vegetables in a box. We welcome the opportunity to support parents with young children, teens, high-risk audiences, and students with special needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can serve your group. It takes time to wrestle with your feelings and a whole lot of practice if you plan to be good at it. So it makes sense to start young, understanding what emotions are, where they come from, and how to express them in healthy ways.

We help children and families take time to be mindful. We review brain science basics to help children understand how their thoughts and feelings develop and distract. Though normal and helpful, feelings can be hard to understand and even harder to control. We practice two minutes of mindful activities to help promote self-control plus we provide a timer and tools to each child to help him practice mindful minutes at home.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your group or organization on a health education program that is just right for your audience. We are currently coordinating a county-wide oral health initiative and supporting the wellness practices of a local school district. We also support health and physical education instruction and provide workshops for teens, special needs populations and caregivers in a variety of settings throughout the county. Hank the Health Hero believes his healthy habits make him heroic!

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Cheer on Hank as he stops the spread of germs, fights tooth decay, and wrestles with his feelings. We support the health and wellness efforts of school districts interested in expanding or reinforcing nutrition education initiatives. Weekly food tastings, a farm field trip, and special events throughout the school year inspire students to make healthy choices. A strong partnership between CHI St. Take aim on tooth decay, launch an attack on plaque, run the MyPlate relay, and toss around all sorts of healthy ideas with this action-packed program.

The Health Hero Training Camp is an active approach to health education; helping kids learn about their bodies with their bodies and inspiring a bit of healthy competition.