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Understanding of technology architecture and business models is not enough — it takes compassion to empathise with a customer, and address underlying emotional issues, the speakers said. One also needs courage to challenge assumptions, take risks, and outdo the competition. Much has been written about the importance of positivity, optimism, resilience, and improvisation for entrepreneurial success, but there are factors beyond that as well, according to Janet. Innovators need to be inclusive of diversity, and be prepared for collision of views, she added.

The authors describe the five key skills of an innovator - association, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. Innovation calls for proficiency in a range of conversations — within the self and the organisation, and outside the organisation, according to Janet.

User empathy helps identify value creation in problem space, while the lean startup framework helps capture value in solution space see my book review of Lean Startup by Eric Ries here. Janet describes four types of questioning that should power the innovation process see my summary in Table 1 below. These questions drive a range of divergence and convergence activities, which progressively expand the space of possible innovations and then narrow down on the best options. Innovators should be able to operate with four types of mindsets, according to Janet.

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