Manual MANAGEMENT A General Theory

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The purpose of this paper is to identify the conceptual basis shared by different theories, regardless of the unit of analysis they specifically adopt. The different ontological choice or different segment of reality studied by each theory does not hinder conceptual common ground for a good number of organisational theories. The paper highlights the importance of hierarchical, social and institutional relations and of the technological, cognitive, social and institutional contents.

The General Theory of Management – Amitabh Satyam

It looks at the common conceptual contents of the two main theories examined, and those of a wide set of other theories addressed here. Both of the theories examined are interpreted in terms of relations and contents, taking a closer look at the passageways and walls that exist between them. The proposal of a common background from which one can examine different organisational theories is, in principle, important. The limitation inherent is that, given the infinite nature of reality, in the material world and in the world of thought, no one can be sure of having proposed the best possible methodological basis.


Relations and contents, as a basis for analysing theories, is an innovative proposal that attempts to gain insights on the basic materials ontological and conceptual that go to make up theories. Skip to main content.

2: General and Industrial Management – H. Fayol’s Theory of Administration

Matrix of Subsystems Instead of creating one system where decisions flow downward from the boss through employees who are lower on the organization chart, you can create several systems that work together. Goals Under general systems theory, your organization can pursue multiple goals.

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Project Orientation Within general systems theory, you organize your independently operating departments by creating projects. Transformation General systems theory provides for an organization that will grow and change as it gets feedback from both outside and inside the organization.

Organization theory

Permanence While traditional hierarchies tend to grow to the point of ineffectiveness, an organization built on general systems theory can continue indefinitely. Accessed 01 December Johnston, Kevin.

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Classical Management Theory

Pauchant 2 Paul Shrivastava 3. Abstract Analyses of a nationwide questionnaire sent to the public affairs officers of the Fortune 1, corporations reveals that the crises their organizations experienced in the last three years and the preventative actions they are undertaking to blunt potential crises cluster together in a relatively small number of distinct factors or families. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

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