Manual Politics and Economics in the History of the European Union (The Graz Schumpeter Lectures)

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Wolfgang Wessels. Ekaterina Rousseva. Joel Mokyr. Alan Kirman. Stanley Metcalfe. Brian J.

Program Notes and Index of Sessions

Tony Atkinson. Duncan K. Erich W. Ian Steedman. Richard N. Alan S. Nathan Rosenberg.

The Economics of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description The Graz-Schumpeter annual lectures have grown in reputation over the years with impressive figures from academia such as Ian Steedman, J. Stanley Metcalfe and Duncan K.

European Political Economy MA

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The Thrid Way Joseph P.

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Heterogeneous effect of the hospital financing reform on productivity: fixed effect panel data quantile regressions with endogeneity. Corruption, Mortality and Fertility Rates, and Development. Endogenous cartel formation with Differentiated Products and Price Competition. Foreign investment regulation and firm productivity: Granular evidence from Indonesia. Nutrient income elasticity in ultra poor households: Evidence from Kenya.

Sharing a Government. Social Media and Xenophobia: Evidence from Russia. Social Media and Protests in China. Evidence from HARP. Trade and Domestic Production Networks. Productivity and Misallocation in General Equilibrium. Cascading Innovation. The Cost of Information. Macroeconomic Modeling and Monetary Policy. Recruiting Talent. Common Belief in Rationality in Psychological Games. Would a Move to a U. Dirty money in new disguise? Capital flows into and out of tax havens. Voter heterogeneity and political corruption. Evidence from school constructions in Benin.

Bargaining and Competition in Thin Markets. Training and Effort Dynamics in Apprenticeship. The Wisdom of the Crowd in Dynamic Economies. Betting Against Alpha. Vulnerable Asset Management? The Case of Mutual Funds. Discriminatory Pricing of Over-the-Counter Derivatives. Do corporate depositors risk everything for nothing? The importance of deposit relationships, interest rates and bank risk. Price Dynamics of Swedish Pharmaceuticals. Doctor Switching Costs in Health Insurance.

Price gaps at the border: evidence from multi-country household scanner data.

Gender or Class - What Determines Voting. Women leaving the playpen: The emancipating role of female suffrage. The fire-sale channels of universal banks in the European sovereign debt crisis. Advertising, Innovation and Economic Growth.

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Mergers and acquisitions, innovations and growth. Cohabitation vs. Like mother, like daughter? Societal determinants of maternal labour supply — Evidence from the German reunification. Evidence from Survey and Field Data. Effect of employment tax incentives: the case of disability quota in Hungary.

The role of evolving marital preferences in growing income inequality. Managing expectations at the ZLB through Forward Guidance: an experiment in a new-Keynesian model with multiple steady states. Aggregate Fluctuations in Adaptive Production Networks. Two of a Kind Try Together? The Impact of Homophily on Innovation in Teams. Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets. Centralized Exchange. Covenants before the swords: Normative conflict and cooperation in heterogeneous groups.

Aaron Benanav, Kali’s Prophet, NLR 48, November–December

Protectionism and the Business Cycle. Time-consistent monetary policy, terms of trade manipulation and welfare in open economies. Informing employees about training subsidies: Results from a randomized field experiment. Seducing General to Discipline Commander.

Measuring skill and chance in games. Spatial Structural Change.

‘There is a woman behind this!’

Business cycles in space. The real exchange rate, innovation and productivity. Does disappointing productivity growth reflect a slowing trend? Weighing the evidence and assessing the future. Manufacturing Misallocation. How does government spending news affect interest rates? Evidence from the United States. Government Financing, Inflation, and the Financial Sector.

Sources of Borrowing and Fiscal Multipliers.