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Imagine You Can Travel Through Space: Write A Story (9-13 years)

Highest score wins! Description: Ages Recommend books, music, and movies; develop and plan events for teens; and work with HCLS instructors on projects you create.

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Service hours and refreshments available. Attorneys provide free legal assistance for income-eligible walk-in clients. Family Law Assistance Program : Attorneys provide free legal assistance for income-eligible walk-in clients on matters such as divorce, separation, custody, child support, alimony, and name change.

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Description: Learn how to use a desktop of laptop computer - keyboarding, mouse and trackpad skills, file management, WordPad, Internet browsing, using search engines like Google and Bing and emails; learn the similarities and differences between laptops and smartphones iPhone and Samsung Android. Registration and testing required. Description: Exercise your brain.

Assemble jigsaw puzzles to build visual-perceptual skills, encourage problem-solving skills, and develop hand-eye coordination. All ages. Allow 30 min. Description: Stories and music just before bedtime. Pajamas, teddy bears, and blankets welcome. All ages; 30 min. Description: Book discussion, 2nd Tuesdays; 7 - 8 pm. Description: This is a class that focuses on essential English grammar and on the basics of writing for work and personal communication.

Part of each class session will focus on one or two concepts of grammar, and part of the class will allow students to apply these grammar concepts in a writing a simple essay. Depending on the needs of the students, this class may also focus on conversation, vocabulary, and reading in English.

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Description: Ages with adult; 30 min. Description: Stories, songs, and activities for children and adults to enjoy together. Description: Have fun with your baby while learning basic words in American Sign Language. Ages infant months. Description: Improve your ability to communicate and interact in English in a fun and casual setting. Ages with adult; 30 min. In partnership with the Howard County Health Department. Learn about warning signs, how to start a conversation about suicide, and how to find local suicide prevention resources.

Parents, guardians, and adults interacting with young adults are welcome. Description: Learn how to respond to an opioid overdose and how to administer naloxone. Learn about legal protections for those who provide aid and about access to opioid response resources in Howard County. Description: Meets at Hysteria Brewing Company restaurant. Book discussion, Wednesdays; 6 - 7 pm. Description: Practice conversational skills and discuss topics ranging from small talk and common interests to holidays and current events. No registration or testing required. Ages 13 - Adult. Description: Borrow a cookbook authored by the evening's featured chef, or of the cooking topic, and prepare a few recipes at home.

Discuss the chef or topic, recipes, food markets, and gadgets. Register for each date separately. Jul Jacques Pepin Aug Greek recipes from any chef. Discuss captivating novels with other teens. Description: Is English your second or third language? Practice speaking and listening in a small group.

Description: Bring projects you'd love to finish! Thursdays; 10 am - 12 pm. Description: Practice your American English pronunciation in a supportive environment in this class. Each week you will read one short story on your own, and then we will discuss it together when we meet. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice both speaking and listening as we analyze the stories for content, themes, and vocabulary. We will provide books containing seven class short stories with simplified vocabulary for ESL students.

Description: Ages ; 30 min. For children who are ready for an independent class that includes creative expression, listening comprehension, and early reading skills. Description: Enjoy music and play with toys, puzzles, and visit new friends, developing cognitive, motor, and social skills. Ages months with adult; allow 30 minutes. Description: Need help navigating Google Drive? Have an email related question, or are you curious about new apps? Drop in with your everyday technology questions, and our volunteers can assist you in finding the answers.

Description: Improve your ability to communicate and interact in German in a fun and casual setting. Description: Bring lunch to enjoy outside while listening to stories and songs. Outside play includes sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Weather permitting. Description: Use your imagination and have summertime fun together.

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Description: May the force be with you as you use science, technology, engineering, and math to solve problems. Jul Ewoks Catapults Ages Registration required for each class. Description: How do thoughts go from mind to paper? An instructor from The Pen Boutique teaches how to use a fountain pen with ink and discusses the importance of writing and penmanship.

Description: Ages infant months; allow 20 min. Play with toys and new friends, read a board book, and enjoy music, developing cognitive, motor, and social skills. Description: IMprove your spoken English and American accent with this class. We will focus on listening and speaking skills with an emphasis on everyday pronunciation, intonation and stress, as well as unique American rhythms.

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You will learn to recognize American speech patterns and understand confounding expressions such as, "wudja, wanna, arn-cha and gonna. Description: Extend your gardening season by planting certain vegetables in the late summer or early fall. After harvesting, learn how to improve your soil and prepare your early spring beds. Description: A story, song, and craft featuring everybody's favorites!

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Description: Will discuss speculative fiction, cli-fi climate fiction , short stories, and verse - exploring themes of climate disruption, dystopia, recovery, and redemption. Description: Explore budgets, saving, and ways to increase income and reduce expenses. In partnership with MakingChange.

Creative Writing - 5 Simple Steps To Secure Your Grade 9

Description: Dive into our picture book collection with fun read-aloud stories. Description: Discover what other artists are working on. Description: Middle school students. Read an out of this world book before class and then meet with fellow readers to have a snack and discuss the book. Books available at the Customer Service Desk one month before each book discussion.

Description: Explore how to create basic seasonal pop-up cards using Robert Sabuda's designs. Description: Book discussion, 2nd Thursdays; 7 - 8 pm. Description: This class is a career centered, computer-based class where students explore topics related to working in the United States of America. This session will focus on workplace culture and will seek to improve students' workplace communication skills. Description: Tales, tunes, and tons of fun!