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The translation seeks to remain faithful, stylistically and grammatically, to the original Arabic text. In order to capture the reasoning of the Court as originally expressed in Arabic, the translation is a literal English representation of the decision.

The reader will notice that the translation is awkward in style, but this is a fair approximation of the style of the original text. It should be emphasized at the outset also that the substance of the original decision as written in Arabic is difficult to follow.

The punctuation as well as the organization and numbering of paragraphs are not a part of the original. They were added to help the English reader better understand the unique expression used by the court.

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The reason for the difference is due to choices made by different translations. As far as the procedural blueprint of the text goes, the appellate decision summarizes the prior proceedings, concludes that the appeal was timely filed and then affirms the verdict against Saddam Hussein.

Hussein falls in the show trial category, possessing characteristics that suggest a strong element of increased probability of the defendant's conviction, and also characteristics suggesting a focus on the audience beyond the courtroom.

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Considering the degree to which these two essential elements are present, the trial of Mr. Hussein belongs in a moderate position when compared to other high-profile show trials. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

Trial of Saddam Hussein

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The Verdict in the Trial of Saddam Hussein: How Many Deaths Can a Dictator Die? - pionoulliethrivtan.tk

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Abstract The term show trial surfaces frequently in discussions of the trial of Saddam Hussein, but the term's meaning is not clear. Peterson, Jeremy D.