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Perhaps lots of short sighted passengers on the Wirral? West Bridgford did big route numbers too — as did Douglas IoM. You could tell from three stops away whether it was your bus approaching or not! Much better than scrolling digital displays that include bits of advertising and strange route descriptions instead of numbers. I was employed on Wallasey buses and I was one of the first to drive an Atlantean bus in service, I think it was route 2 from Harrison Drive to Seacombe via Liscard.

Always remember that when a ferry unloaded at Seacombe and the lined-up buses filled up, a Wallasey Corporation inspector would blow his whistle and every single bus would pull out, in convoy, bound for the posh Wallasey suburbs or New Brighton. I grew up in Wallasey in the fifties and remember the affection we had for our bus fleet. The shared routes such as 9, 10 and 11 with Birkenhead would always cause conflict with yellow and blue buses leapfrogging in rush hour to maximise custom. I recall the annual outings to Helsby when at least 10 Wallasey buses would take us urchins on a day out with a slap up tea and games, I would try to get an upstairs front seat and if possible on bus number 80 which was my adopted favourite.

But step aboard that bus, and its interior is just as "fascinatingly old-fashioned in feel and looks" as everything else was.

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We were called Instant Whips by the older drivers because we had never been conductors. I often drove some of the original Atlanteans which were still in service. Historic but not as nice to drive as the new ones which we called Jumbos. Later I drove for Crosville where they still had lots of back loaders and conductors. Dan, I grew up in Wallasey in the 60s and 70s, and remember well the period you mention. We used them for trips to Blackpool and Lancaster, but the seem to have vanished without trace.

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I was asking around about then at the end of last year, but no one I spoke to could recall them. Grandad drove the buses and my sister and I used to rollerskate all the way to Birkenhead along the prom to take him his sandwiches! We loved it when he drove the number 1 yellow double-decker bus, because we used to board that one to go to the "Guinea Gap" swimming baths. He used to bring home bus tickets, ticket machines and Wallasey Corporation Driver uniform caps and silver buttons for us to play with.

Time Travel around Wallasey walking from Harrison drive through to Wallasey Village and beyond

Happy days. Has the Weymann been re-paneled below the lower deck windows? I think the Weymann flared skirt must have been an option.

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All the pictures of post-war Regents with Weymann body of which they had quite a lot were without the flare. Some of the photos are of early date, so unlikely to have been re-panelled. We too lived in that neck of the woods from the mid 60s onwards. The Wallasey bus colour was known as either "yellow" or "white" by various locals. Of the early Atlanteans, there were eventually 30, but I believe those were the last mainstream buses purchased until MPTE took over.

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They mainly held down the various routes out to Moreton, where you rarely saw one of the older vehicles, and some of the trunk runs between Seacombe and New Brighton. Everything else was the old half cabs.

The departure from Seacombe every minutes, following each ferry arrival, was indeed something to watch. The bulk of the service routes started from there, with vehicles all lined up in echelon, when it looked like the last ferry passenger had come out and not until the inspector would blow a piercing whistle audible all round the terminal , following which up to 10 Leyland engines would instantly roar into life together, and they were off, like a Le Mans start, close manoeuvring, gestures between crews, all pushing across Borough Road together and then fanning out to the different routes.

Roger has just discovered this picture of HHF 15 taken in mid in Bristol, with a superb luxurious building in the background. This bus had been sold for further use to Bedminster Coaches. The destination blinds have been removed and the legal lettering has been painted over, but the MPTE catherine wheel is still in place.. To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has JavaScript enabled.

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